Rye flour

We now have a new stock of wholemeal Rye Flour, so why not make some rye bread?  It’s delicious with many foods, especially smoked fish, and makes a good base for open sandwiches.  Rye flour on its own does not rise much, so it’s a good idea to mix it half-and-half with our wholemeal wheat flour, and make it in the same way as wheat bread.  If you’ve time, the rye flavours are enhanced by mixing initially 50 gm of rye flour with 50 gm of water in a small bowl which you then cover and stand for a day or two in a warm place. You can also include a pinch of caraway seeds if you like.  When you’re ready to bake, add this starter to the bulk of the mixed flours and a little salt, together with a teaspoon of dried yeast and warm water, then knead, prove and bake in the usual way. 

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